Dancing in the Dark

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You have just entered a page,

About a journey,

To re-discover

Love that’s lost,


Love that’s given,

Bring to Justice

The Corrupted

And the building of a future.

So read my poem’s,

Enjoy my picture’s,

And remember,

Your future’s,

In your hand’s.

Hold on tight,

Never look back,

Never take love for granted

And live you dream

Dancing in the Dark
Every single evening,
I put on the same old songs.
Waiting for my angel,
I know she be long.
Feeling sad and lonely,
Waiting for that spark.
Until this feeling happens,
I’ll be dancing in the dark.
It only takes 1 second,
To re-ignite the flame.
To make this angel happy,
And let me live again.
Cause then the world is better,
And for that i can rejoice.
We’ll be the perfect union,
Talking with one voice

  1. Daniel Angel from Cape Cornwall said:

    Since 2007 I’ve been fighting my illness silicosis At first i thought it was asbestos
    because it had the same symptoms to start with ,But as the illness got worse
    and the pain goes to the extreme, So bad it’s indescribable
    I’m fighting for my life and the lives of people that worked around me at that time
    Nobody believed me, Even relatives have abused me including my carer
    But things are coming together now she’s gone
    Dr Myers has left the Royal Cornwall and I’m sure will tell the truth or spend the rest of his life banged up
    Surrounding this horrific act and the people they used to cover up this conspiracy
    which involves quite a number of people ,Not forgetting Andrew George MP
    Who i asked for help ,He lied on twitter saying he had left messages when he never
    I want be voting for him he absolutely nothing, Only waste tax payers money, My Doctor has turned my negative thoughts into good ones
    And is backing me 100% So here’s a little message just for him and his staff from me
    Thanking him for being true and for standing by me
    Making the community a safer place by being a professional a fantastic Doctor
    For me and you not forgetting all his staff too bless you all
    I’m putting this as a comment, As i truly want my pages to remain beautiful
    So please comment on my pages it means so much to me
    I’ve put so much effort and time over a period of years knowing full well
    I want be around forever but i never gave up and never will on the people i love
    Including my amazing friends ,you all know who you are
    Daniel angel from Cape Cornwall

  2. Shorty said:

    These pieces really set a standard in the indtsury.

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